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Are There Any Additional Costs To My Course Fees?2020-02-12T03:02:14+08:00

Course fees indicate the items provided. For some courses, additional resources are offered for optional purchases. Additional costs will be discussed fully as part of AIM’s pre-course preparations aimed at helping you to make an informed decision and budget accordingly.


If I Want To Talk To Some Of Your Past Alumni For A Reference, Who Should I Contact?

Read the many interesting graduate stories on our website to find a graduate you would like to talk to. Email us and we’ll be happy to make the introduction.

Can I Practise As A Professional Image Consultant After A Short Period Of Training?2020-02-12T02:57:58+08:00

Yes, you will be ready to start once you have completed our recommended AIM in-class and post-course assignments. We encourage AIM alumni to also prepare themselves for the AICI Certified Image Consultant (AICI CIC) written exam within a year after our course. Click here to find out more about AICI certification. 

Do I Need To Be Good With Colour And Style To Become An Image Consultant?2020-02-12T02:56:44+08:00

Ideally yes, because the visible difference of colour and style on personal appearance makes a huge impact on personal transformation. However, there are different paths to start a career as an image consultant. For instance, if you have a strong training background, it is possible to start with training services in etiquette and communications. At AIM, we take the time to listen to where your experience and passion lie to help you with a course that best supports your professional growth as an image consultant.

Do You Have An Informational Talk That I Can Attend?2020-02-12T03:00:22+08:00

It matters to us that you eventually make the right choice when it comes to something as important as selecting a certification level image consulting course that supports your goals. We’re happy to arrange an in-person or Skype call with an AIM faculty or staff member. Contact us to schedule a convenient time.

How Can I Get A Five-Year Head Start With Just A Two-Week Course?2020-02-12T03:01:52+08:00

Our courses are a result of years of international research and extensive image consulting business experience.  We partner with global institutions such as AICI and IITTI to ensure that the AIM image consultant course content is aligned with international standards for professional certification. Our best testimonies come from AIM alumni who are running successful businesses in many cities. Almost 100% of our graduates pass the AICI CIC international exam on their first attempt. Many have achieved AICI certification at CIC, CIP as well as CIM levels and actively contribute through leadership positions with AICI while growing their image consulting careers. 

How Can I Register For A Course?2020-02-12T02:59:47+08:00

Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis, secured by way of a non-refundable deposit. Confirmation is subject to acceptance and availability. It’s simple once you know what you’re hoping to achieve. Contact us for assistance to make an informed decision and we’ll help you with the rest!

How Long Are Your Courses?2020-02-12T03:00:10+08:00

Courses at AIM can range from one to 12 days, from beginner to intermediate and advanced courses. Check our courses and dates and contact us if you have specific dates in mind.

How Much Can I Earn As An Image Consultant?2020-02-12T02:55:18+08:00

Successful image consultants command four- to five-figure fees per client engagement as personal consultants, executive coaches, trainers, authors, bloggers and speakers. The earnings potential correlates with your level of experience and expertise, confidence, credibility, clientele and consistency of building your career as a professional image consultant. With emerging markets and rising affluence, particularly in Asia, demand for highly skilled image consultants will continue to grow.

I’m Not From Singapore. Where Is The Closest Centre I Can Take Your Course?2020-02-12T03:06:52+08:00

AIM courses are available in Singapore (English) and Hong Kong (Mandarin). Students come from all over the world including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Philippines, India, Nigeria, Australia, America and the Middle East. Contact us to share your locale and the clients you hope to work with. 

Is There A Difference Between An Image Consultant And Stylist?2020-02-12T02:56:19+08:00

A stylist is often talented at creating a specific look for a client’s special occasion. An image consultant adopts a holistic approach in helping individuals develop their personal brand with a style that is consistent with the client’s physical characteristics, personality, preferences, lifestyle and goals. Image consultants typically show clients how they can enhance their potential through appearance, behaviour and communication.

What Does It Take To Become An Image Consultant?2020-02-12T02:44:25+08:00

A desire to help people to look and feel good about themselves. Respect for the individual, an appreciation for beauty and the fascination for developing human potential. Having an aesthetic eye for colour, style and design would be ideal and will go further with training to develop an image consultant’s fullest potential. Traits for successful image consultants include strong communication skills, passion and determination, being well-organised, observant, diplomatic yet objective, and of course, being personable and consistently well-presented.

What If I Have No Prior Image Training Or Experience As An Image Consultant?2020-02-12T02:58:46+08:00

Most students come to AIM with zero or little experience. At AIM, we offer image consultancy courses designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced level students. Let us help you find the best course for you and with our step-by-step training, you may just surprise yourself at how far you can excel in the image consulting industry.

What If I Want To Add Image Consulting To My Existing Professional Skills/Job Or Business?2020-02-12T02:58:21+08:00

A number of our graduates are business owners and HR professionals who have successfully applied what they have learned in the course to add value to their clients while enhancing their credibility. We help students identify their strengths and explore ways to leverage their experiences.

What Is My Career Advancement As An Image Consultant?2020-02-12T02:57:01+08:00

We are in the business of developing human potential. Image consulting is a life-long journey of personal and professional development through formal training and growing through life experiences. Career advancements expand with personal ambition, image education, mentoring support and consistent action.


We recommend that you start thinking about the target clientele that you want to help in terms of image consulting services. Consider how to build value by drawing from your life and work experiences. For example, a person with a passion for helping single individuals find a life partner might choose “singles” as their target clients and offer one-on-one consulting and coaching that grows into group workshops and speaking engagements on appearance, grooming and interpersonal skills including communication and body language.   


Continuing education is essential for career advancement in this field. AICI offers professional certification standards with three levels that recognise the experience and expertise of image consultants. Click here for more information on AICI certification.

What Kind Of Support Will I Receive After The Course?2020-02-12T03:01:24+08:00

AIM supports your success all the way. Our alumni will attest to AIM’s relentless graduate support from faculty and staff members. Firstly, course guidebooks provide comprehensive information with additional references. Each course provides client-ready templates, resources and proven step-by-step techniques that will help you get started after the course. Beyond the classroom, graduates tap on peer support and study groups across borders and may call on faculty mentors as well as take on leadership opportunities with AICI and/or in your community.


In fact, AIM’s rich community culture has made us the top choice image academy in Asia where students come from all over the world through word of mouth referral. 

What’s The Difference Between Taking A Course With London Image Institute And AIM?2020-02-12T03:08:30+08:00

Since 2005, the Academy of Image Mastery (AIM) and London Image Institute (LII) have been affiliate partners in the design and delivery of ImageAsia®, an exclusive course unique to AIM and known for its results in training and mentoring many of Asia’s most successful image consultants. 


Here are the key differences between the ImageAsia® course and London Image Institute’s courses:


ImageAsia® is the only image course in the world that offers an East-meets-West perspective on global image consulting. You will be trained by two of only 13 global AICI Certified Image Masters – Christina Ong of Academy of Image Mastery and Lynne Marks of London Image Institute. They bring over 50 years of the combined US and Asian experience.

Image consulting is a sunrise industry in Asia where growing affluence fuels greater awareness that the way people dress, groom, communicate and interact with others impact their opportunities at life. ImageAsia® exposes you to a rich melting pot of diverse cultures with students from across Asia and the world. Even if you live and work outside Asia, ImageAsia® offers you an extraordinary learning experience, forges a strong community beyond the course to widen your perspective and expand your network of contacts. 

Unique to ImageAsia® is the AIM ColourSmart™ system – a practical and effective colour resource tool that caters to a diverse range of personal colouring with a specific emphasis on Asian skin tones. Every student receives a ColourSmart™ draping starter kit plus detailed instructions and ample hands-on practice.

Also included in the course fee is a personal Transformation Day, which has been described by students as a life-transforming experience where you reinvent yourself as a confident image consultant, armed with new skills and empowered to pursue your dreams. 

What’s The Difference Between Your Course And Other Online Courses?2020-02-12T03:08:10+08:00

The attraction of online courses is that it tends to be competitively lower in price and offers flexible timing. However, technology has its limitations. Human interaction, hands-on practice and direct feedback are still necessary in order to master image consulting skills. Our training experience of over a decade at AIM has shown that beyond content and knowledge, technical skills must be applied with “how-tos” for client management techniques. This makes all the difference to the development and potential growth of an image consultant.

Who Will My Trainers Be?2020-02-12T03:00:37+08:00

AIM faculty trainers are not simply academics but experienced practitioners in specialised areas of image consulting. You will gain the benefit of over 60 years of tried and tested knowledge, techniques, guidance and feedback during and after the course for a specified period of graduate group coaching. Read our Faculty Profile to find out more about our lead faculty members.

Why Should I Take The Course In Asia?2020-02-12T02:59:02+08:00

To work with an Asian clientele, immersing yourself in a course developed by an established Asian academy is a wise move that will give you a competitive edge as an image consultant. With that in mind, AIM has gone to great lengths to bring an East-meets-West perspective to global image consulting. Our faculty of master trainers from the US, HK and Singapore bring a combined experience of over 60 years closer to your doorsteps in Asia with our Singapore and Hong Kong training centres.

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