This is by far the most wonderful seasonal flow colour tools I’ve seen!

Carla Mathis, Co-founder & Instructor of The Style Core

The best consultant tools are those created by seasoned consultants, refined over time and used by many successful consultants.

Simply put, AIM offers smart resources to make it easier for you to focus confidently on building your client consultation services. We invest in quality products and fuss over design and presentation because we understand the power of branding. AIM’s resource tools impress clients and position you as a world-class image consultant!

The ColourSmart™ system, created in 2011 by AIM’s founder Christina Ong, began as a labour of love. AIM graduate consultants pressed for a colour system that fulfills this wish list: effective for colour analysis, easy for clients to “get it”, adaptable for different types of client services, high quality, affordably priced, accessible within Asia and elegantly packaged. To meet these needs and more, the AIM ColourSmart™ system was made available to support your growth.   

We are honoured to supply AIM’s ColourSmart™ system to an increasing number of image consultants all over the world, including first-time users and seasoned colour consultants.

How It Works

Created for image consultants to have an impressive and systematic workbook to help clients discover their best colours and understand the fundamentals of dressing well. The Colours at Work, Colours at Play™ workbook is packed with insightful details that will allow clients to appreciate their unique colouring and your colour advice. The intuitive content flow also helps both you and your clients to apply recommendations with confidence and ease. Available exclusively to AIM ColourSmart™ Certified Colourists only.

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