Since the industry’s early beginnings in the 1980s, image consulting has evolved into a fascinating multi-disciplinary profession. Image consultants add the extra shine that builds confidence in people. We help our clients to communicate positive personal brand attributes, authentically and effectively.

This is an ideal career for those who enjoy working with people to enhance their potential and are fascinated by the psychology of personal development. It helps to have a passion for style and a keen eye for the aesthetics of design and fashion.

What Services Do Image Consultants Provide?

Just think of us as passionate educators helping you with your ABCs:


Colour and style analysis, wardrobe management, personal shopping, accessorising, hair, makeup and grooming etc.

What is Image Consultaing - Behavior


Body language, business and social etiquette, civility, protocol, brand culture etc.


Verbal and written communication, social media presence, presentation skills etc.

Successful image consultants command four- to five-figure fees per client engagement as personal image consultants, executive coaches, trainers, image workshop facilitators, authors, bloggers and speakers.

Increasingly, in today’s world, image consulting brings a value-added dimension to other professionals and business owners in related fields of people development, such as soft skill trainers and consultants, HR talent managers, life coaches, beauty-related advisers, makeup artists, apparel retailers, boutique owners and more.

Who Do Image Consultants Work With?

Anyone who understands the value of effective communication in an increasingly “noisy” and competitive world, where first impressions do count. Someone who would benefit from image enhancement and management, as well as personal branding, such as

  • Private individuals
  • Corporate executives
  • Business owners
  • Public personalities
  • Politicians
  • Corporate companies – local and foreign
  • Educational institutions
  • Professional associations
  • Social clubs/societies
  • Community centres and social networking groups

Do You Have What It Takes?

If image consulting is your passion, AIM will give you a significant head start in your goal with our comprehensive image consultant course.

  • Investing in image education is a big first step so it’s wise to look towards the top image consulting institute in Asia. We are committed to helping you make an informed decision that best supports your goals. Drop us an email with your questions. We are excited to help you take the next step towards a fulfilling career! 

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What Is AICI?

AICI CEU-Approved Competency-Based Courses By AIM,
Puts You On Track For Professional Certification By AICI.

The Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) is the leading and largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide with over 1,000 members from more than 50 countries. Founded in 1990, AICI is dedicated to the task of advancing the level of professionalism and enhancing the recognition of image consultants.

We recommend AICI membership to all image consultants who are committed to professional development and global certification. Upon completing any of AIM’s Foundational Courses approved for AICI CEUs (Continuing Education Units), our graduates qualify to apply for AICI’s Skilled Member category.

AICI Chapters are located throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. For more information, visit and find a Chapter closest to you.

What Are The Different Levels Of AICI Certification?

What is Image Consulting - AICI CIC

AICI CIC – (AICI Certified Image Consultant)

The AICI Certified Image Consultant shows clients, colleagues and the media that you have achieved a competent level of training and knowledge in the image field and that you keep abreast of current thinking and technical knowledge. AICI confers the title of “AICI Certified Image Consultant” on those who successfully complete the AICI CIC Portfolio review process and pass the AICI Certified Image Consultant exam. A consultant receiving the Certified Image Consultant may write “AICI CIC” after his/her name.

What is Image Consulting - AICI CIP

AICI CIP – (AICI Certified Image Professional)

When you achieve certification as an AICI Certified Image Professional, you will be able to use the letters “AICI CIP” after your name. It shows clients, colleagues and the media that you have achieved a highly competent level of training and knowledge in the image field and that you are on a journey towards professional image excellence. Among other requirements, you must have achieved AICI CIC and have gained work experience by providing fee-based image services for at least two years full-time or four years part-time. Please review the AICI CIC Portfolio available from for details.

What is Image Consulting - AICI CIM

AICI CIM – (AICI Certified Image Master)

AICI Certified Image Master is AICI’s highest level of certification, denoted by the letters “AICI CIM” after the consultant’s name. It identifies exceptional, dedicated consultants, who have a recognised brand in the industry and have demonstrated exceptional levels of competence in their own successful image businesses. To earn the AICI CIM certification, consultants must have been in the image industry for at least five years as an AICI CIC and CIP. You will be expected to demonstrate a unique philosophy, brand or professional process currently in use for clients. A comprehensive portfolio of work and contribution to the industry and community is assessed by external reviewers outside of the image industry.

In addition to AICI certification, clients appreciate knowing that we value integrity and honour professional ethics. When registering for AICI membership, you will be required to commit to and embrace the AICI Code of Ethics.

Is There A Difference Between The AIM Certification And The AICI Certification?

AIM’s image consultant courses are aligned to AICI core competencies, making it easier for our graduates to progress through AICI’s three levels of professional certification. We continue to support committed graduates wherever possible in their professional growth and career development as mentors, coaches and educators.

Upon completion of our image consultant courses, AIM confers a Certificate or Diploma that recognises the consultant’s attainment and successful completion of the core competencies covered in each course. AIM is proud of the fact that many of our graduates have successfully attained AICI CIC on their first attempt, as well as AICI CIP and AICI CIM in a short time.

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